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Supplying Maritime Equipment Since 1946!    COMAR    Home of the Longest, Strongest Ladders! 


Since 1946


​    COMAR/Mark/I Pilot Ladder

​​The COMAR/Mark/I Pilot Ladder replaces the obsolete old style "Jacob's Ladder" and eliminates unreliable marlin seizings (whipping)

  • USCG approved as a Pilot Ladder (up to 160 feet) 
  • Steps are secured to side ropes using stainless steel fasteners and patented COMAR Wedge Assembly 
  • Rope: 2-1/4' circ. (3/4") 3 strand soft feel of polyester rope with an ultra strong core of a color that contrasts with the polyester. This extra strong core ELIMINATES BOUNCE and acts as an early warning sign of wear (14,000 lb. minimum breaking strength). All our ladder ropes are manufactured by SAMSON: " The Strongest Name in Rope."  Per code: Federal Regulations #46
  • Steps: Made of buoyant high impact safety orange impregnated elastomer. Steps are resistant to ultra violet light and are constructed with internal tubular and patented internal collar reinforcement. The top of each step has a raised diamond pattern coated with non-skid abrasive grit and set back from the edges to eliminate cutting of the hands while rigging the ladder on deck or a novice accidently grabbing the step.
  • All steps, assembly hardware and rope are the same with all COMAR ladders

Ladders are tested at the time of assembly with a force exceeding 2,000 pounds

To Order, Specify:

  • Length:  Overall length is measured from the top step to the bottom step.  For pilot ladders it includes a spreader on or about the fifth step. We are happy to help by providing a free drawing to assist you when calculating length.
  • Method of attachment (Choose one)
    • ​Standard:  Tie rope 10'
    • Standard: All bolts, nuts, thimbles and shackles are Grade 316 Stainless Steel
    • Optional: Thimbles:  3/4" Extra Heavy  Grade 316  Stainless Steel  with heat shrink tubing over spliced ends to attach to reel on ship (4 per ladder). 
    • Optional: ​Shackles: 1" - 10,000  W.L.L. (Working Load Limit) - Grade 316  Stainless Steel (2 per ladder)

Replacement Step/Spreader, yellow in color, is designed to be replaced without unstringing your ladder-right onboard your vessel. Replacing a step is simple and easy, no special tools required

Call 800-433-8050 or email for a price quote

All COMAR ladders are custom made and manufactured in the United States to the highest quality standards conforming to United States Coast Guard and SOLAS (Survival of Life at Sea) requirements.  Ladders are tested at the time of assembly with a force exceeding 2,000 pounds.  Our facility, utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing equipment. We also mold our steps and spreaders and currently have large quantities in stock in order to be able to ship  ladders within 3 - 5 days.  COMAR  is currently  inspected by ABS.   

All steps, assembly hardware and ropes are the same with all COMAR ladders.

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12-1/4 inch step spacing 
USCG APP 163.003/4/0 
Lengths up to 160 feet
Eliminates "Rusty" Chain Suspensions